Thursday, October 20, 2005

'Insecurity is SELF righteousness.'
'A bad attitude is arrogance.'

Both of these statements are jarring because I am insecure most of the time and in that 'insecurity' my 'bad attitude' is given birth.

INSECURITY..... 'how can I say that' ' how can I do that' 'he / she probably thinks.....' 'well they know how to do that better than me' (so many forms and faces)

BAD ATTITUDE.....noone knows what I do....or feel...or think....or want.....or am trying to do...or...(you could go on and on here)

Even writing it I can see the truth in it.....INSECURITY is all about me and them....not about Christ and saying and being and doing and trusting in Him.....and the BAD ATTITUDE is like a self fulfilling was all about ME anyway what can God do in that???

Now what????

I know I know SURRENDER.......


Melissa said...

Everytime you mention those two statements I'm moved to self-reflection!

lex said...

"insecurity is self righteous." wow! i am still trying to wrap my brain around that . . .