Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas….I love it…..and yet right now the battle begins. The one inside me about NOT having enough money to spend and then I read ….. and I am struck by...... maybe it will always BE a BATTLE and one I am supposed to fight….?
I make everything a battle don’t I?
I go to my cemetery and argue with God about everything and I love that I can and yet maybe I am supposed to NOT be so much….a fighter?? Me who hates(d) conflict. Me who just wants everyone to get along….which is maybe nothing more than part of the whole omni (my thinking I am omniscient and omnipotent)…..thing I have been fighting. My thinking I know so much when in all reality I don’t know CRAP!!

I have also been pondering ChildISHNESS versus being Child LIKE… it childish to always think everything is a battle or is it a childlike spirit??

I approach Christmas childishly?? Making everything about the gifts?
A childlike wonder about the holidays would be…..seeing all of it with WONDER. Seeing all of it excited and ….and what??
My Grandchildren don’t care what I get them…they just want to GET something. They will be struck by the beauty of the gifts in the wrapping more than what’s inside the box?? Is that right?? How can I be more CHILD LIKE and less CHILDISH this Christmas???


Shenna said...

I'm having some of the same feelings in addition to wanting to skip Christmas this year. I don't want to decorate or shop. It just all seems in vain and so meaningless. I'd really like to focus on the real meaning, but how do you do that after years of tradition and commercialism? (Of course we celebrate Christ's birth in our traditions also, but I'd love for it to be solely that.)

Bah humbug!

David said...

I am having trouble with gifts and I need to figure some things out, we can do this together. we can love and pass along that spirit and not be consumed by the lust that affects so many consumers.

Rhodi Alers de López said...

Dear BJK- How to be more child like and less childish, hmm...
Well, one way is to be as forgiving as children are. Have you noticed how kids fight and a little while later, forget their argument and play like nothing ever happenned?

At times we are so consumed by the expectations of others at Christmas that we hardly enjoy the
Reason for the celebration: JESUS!

Have a great Christmas!