Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I wish I were a writer or a poet or a songwriter.
I wish I were a genius and could make you understand.

But I'm not so all I can tell you is......
God is IT.
He sent Christ for US.
He made you.
He is worth fighting.
He is worth knowing.
He is worth humbling ourselves to KNOW....really KNOW.....

BUT the knowing doesn't come without a fight....OK maybe that is too broad BUT IF what we hear about God were true and we just KNEW it without personalizing it would it be as REAL??

Heck yes it would BUT would it be real to us?? to YOU??

A seeking heart HE NEVER DENIES......
BUT it will be all about HIM.

A seeking heart HE NEVER DENIES...
BUT it won't be easy or smooth or without trials and troubles.
BUT like a ride on a whitewater raft or a roller coaster don't YOU want to do it again no matter how much you may scream in the middle of it?? And don't you want to tell others about it and get them to join you on the ride?!!!

A seeking heart HE NEVER DENIES....

That much I KNOW FOR SURE.....

I spent the w/e in Los Angelos and it was an incredible trip. The highlight was.....well it truly was just one highlight after another. My daughter is seeking Christ, seeking to serve Him, serving in a church that is all about Christ and serving others. Her life is becoming about Him and that is the coolest thing to watch. She is finding her worth in who she is in Him. She is finding out that focused on Him....He brings forth passions....no ...He brings your gifts in line with your passions so that a life spent in service to Him has EVERYTHING and our job is to focus on Him.....AND THAT IS A FULLTIME JOB!!!


Melissa said...

"our ob is to focus on Him...AND THAT IS A FULLTIME JOB!"...you know Becky I've been struggling with dealing with living in a broken dream and what that means and if I'm supposed to live in a whole dream or find purpose and completeness in a broken one...haven't gotten the answers I want, but confident that, YES, absolutely I would do it again, and YES, I want people to join in...and I'm resting assured that a seeking heart HE NEVER DENIES...you helped me get a glimmer of an answer...thank you!

curious servant said...


He is passionate about us, willing to do whatever it takes to guide us out of the shadows and into the light.

We need passion. Passion in our lives for seeking the light.