Friday, December 30, 2005

CS asks ‘what’s going on?’ it’s nothing major or even NOW…it’s an anticipation of what living for Christ looks like.
It’s a fear of having prayed to LIVE for Christ, now what does it look like?
It’s a fear of what’s coming. It’s an anxiousness, an anticipation for what may be.
It’s a knowing what I am called to do and a fear that I won’t be able to do it whatever IT is.
It’s a knowing now that life is not supposed to be easy or good or fun and yet my life IS and has been and not sure I am ready IF it changes.
It’s a wanting for others what I have and not being able to give it away. It’s a lot and it is nothing.

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Tickneen said...

I think God calls us to do what he wants us to do, but only when we listen to him. The word Trust comes to mind. I stuggle with it daily. I want to Trust in him, I do trust in him, but there are times in the day, that I let that go and loose focus of it. I want to walk in his light with every step and word.