Monday, December 05, 2005

Yesterday Roy presented an analogy or metaphor that totally took me away. He portrayed Christ as the Bridegroom waiting for us with a room filled w/candles and roses and Him waiting for us ....and we ALWAYS choose something was powerful and if you would like to listen to it go here.....What a journey...... (oops I just checked it's not up yet)

We had our Christmas Party for Small Group leaders and it was .... I don't know, so much of me and my disappointments wrapped up in it and yet IT'S what we have and I want to die on the hill that says THIS IS THE WAY TO LIVE.....Focused on life w/other beggars trying to figure out how to give THIS away.

I find myself over and over going back to the Word and trusting that there are my answers....Getting hit again and again with truths that before Christ left me reeling and RUNNING and now I can't....Oh I still want to run but I can't....and if I did run it would be headlong into His arms......or at least I would end up there and that is a very cool feeling.....What a God......


MaryAnn M said...

i commented...but now i dont see it?


i said:
i havent read the Barbarian Way yet. a friend told me Saturday that her hubby got my hubby a copy of it for Christmas and that i would LOVE it!!

i am excited!!
and....when she told me about it I remembered YOU talking about it on your blog... cheers! i was thinkin of you Saturday evening!

Paula said...

What a great post! What a neat image of Christ waiting for us in a room filled with candles! The Lover of our souls! I'm going to go listen to Roy's presentaion.

Keep blogging the truth!

Your Friend In Christ,

see-through faith said...

thanks for stopping by.

I hear your pain, your longing and just want to encourage you to keep pressing in for more of God.

What a God !

Melissa said...

I'm coming back when this is up...that is simply beautiful!

I know what it is like to anticipate something and then it not reach your expectations...I wish my mind could just not play it all out before it actually happened...if I could just kind of experience it as it comes with no anticpation or stipulations...just live it! What a way to live don't you think!

curious servant said...

I wanted you to know that a relative of Bob C's was doing a search on the internet and found my blog.

Your comments as well as those of others made her feel better.

Thank you for your sweet, kind words.