Monday, February 13, 2006

A dear friend of mine had her birthday last week and I wrote prophetic words to her, though at the time I had no idea of just how prophetic they were...perhaps prophetic isn't the word... maybe just timely but here's what I wrote her:

Dang girl when I think about you and how much I value you in my life it just becomes all about me......So I want to be about you today and tell you all that is AMAZING about you.

*You have been through alot and persevere.
*In persevering you continue to want to learn about and how to LOVE, you continue to seek Him.
*In learning about LOVE, about Him, in seeking Him, you become softer and more loving and easier and easier to love.
*In becoming softer and easier to love you are more and more open to being hurt. The whole of being vulnerable as attractive as it is to others is in reality opening yourself up to not only more love, the chance of loving more and being loved, but the chance of being hurt. *In being hurt you persevere......and it starts all over again.......And I can only IMAGINE where He is taking you in it.

What I see as prophetic or timely is the truth of becoming softer, being about more yielded to His will. And the whole of surrender means we will become more and more vulnerable and that's what and when we fight.....So maybe I need to just rest in THAT today. Maybe I need to practice what I preach.....Surrender is about becoming weaker, becoming softer, becoming more and more vulnerable....and in the vulnerability knowing that God's will is being done....And not being done for anything but YOUR Glory.....Thank You Father for all the encouraging words spoken by people in the comments here. Thank You for Your Son that we can know this and YOU....Thank You.....

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Bar Bar A said...

Becky, this and the quote above are both great. Your post is insightful AND inspirational. I want to be soft, vulnerable and real. Thanks for sharing this!