Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Flippin Handsome!!

I want to blog about my husband.
He gets me.
Now, that's about me......but don't we sometimes love because we are LOVED??
Or maybe that's just me.
But I loved him from the beginning .....
He is just is so flippin handsome!
He makes me laugh, we have so much fun together.
The motorcycle and traveling behind him, I am blessed!

Now as he has grown in Christ and become attractive in even more ways, become a man to follow. Becoming a man of God, growing in Christ, desiring to live his life following Christ and that, THAT I will follow forever.
He is teaching me to tell myself the truth.

And that I am loved, that he loves me, gives me such JOY.

But he gets me and for that I am grateful.
He loves me and shows me in ways that I couldn't begin to describe how.
He loves me and challenges me and points me always and always to the Father, to His Son.

He follows Christ, seeks to follow Him every morning as we read our Bibles and journal our thoughts and share them. What a blessing the mornings are!
And in his quest, I am drawn to follow myself.

The journey is hard and sometimes to know that we are not alone, that we are together.... which is probably all wrong, but again I need to be on the journey with him.... No that's not true.... I WANT to be on the journey with him and that I am, we are, what a blessing.
Thank You God for my husband. Thank You Jesus for the journey and our getting to travel it together.

He is handsome and kind.
He is loving and wise.
He is strong and yet humble.
He follows in faith and love.
He leads with humility and faith.
He guides with faith and love.
He is the best husband, father, daddy and grandfather and friend.

Just wanted to write about the blessing in my life that is my husband.
Thank you Father for Dan.


Tickneen said...

Awesome post! True love for sure! What a gift!

Bar Bar A said...

Wow, That was a great tribute to Dan. Now where is the pic of your hot hubby???
Seriously, I do believe that we love because we are loved, that's at least part of it. So when both people are loving each other and being loved by each other at the same time - then something beautiful happens like it did with you and Dan.

Happy Valentine's Day, Becky!

Karen said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Becky and Dan! Praise God for your marriage and your love! Blessings!

So I Go said...

"he gets me"..

i love that.

great pic.

hope to see you two riding through my town some time later this year!

Jada's Gigi said...

You are indeed a blessed woman! Thank you, Lord! for all that you give when we deserve so little.

Danielle said...

I want to cry right now. I mean, just sit here at my desk and sob. This is so beautiful!!!!!!!! It takes a real woman with a heart for God to express herself so gorgeously!