Thursday, October 19, 2006

Job 5; Psalm 108; Acts 10 & 11

Acts 10: 27 Talking with him, Peter went inside and found a large gathering of people. 28 He said to them: "You are well aware that it is against our law for a Jew to associate with a Gentile or visit him. But God has shown me that I should not call any man impure or unclean. 29 So when I was sent for, I came without raising any objection. May I ask why you sent for me?"
30 Cornelius answered: "Four days ago I was in my house praying at this hour, at three in the afternoon. Suddenly a man in shining clothes stood before me 31and said, 'Cornelius, God has heard your prayer and remembered your gifts to the poor. 32 Send to Joppa for Simon who is called Peter. He is a guest in the home of Simon the tanner, who lives by the sea.' 33 So I sent for you immediately, and it was good of you to come. Now we are all here in the presence of God to listen to everything the Lord has commanded you to tell us."
34 Then Peter began to speak: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism 35 but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right. 36You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. 37 You know what has happened throughout Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached— 38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.

39 "We are witnesses of everything he did in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed him by hanging him on a tree, 40 but God raised him from the dead on the third day and caused him to be seen. 41 He was not seen by all the people, but by witnesses whom God had already chosen—by us who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. 42 He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead. 43 All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name."
44 While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit came on all who heard the message. 45 The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles. 46 For they heard them speaking in tongues[b] and praising God.
Then Peter said, 47"Can anyone keep these people from being baptized with water? They have received the Holy Spirit just as we have." 48 So he ordered that they be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked Peter to stay with them for a few days.

I am in a conversation with a gal and she is wondering what I think about HELL…I don’t know…I just know I don’t want it but I don’t know and I don’t think I am supposed to know for anyone else….here you see they thought they knew how God worked but God being God showed them…..
It’s Him always and forever HIM that does it…we just have to do what we are led to do and in that life of faith TRUST that He is and does and always has and always will….
So I can only have my own journey…my own and it’s not my place to worry about anyone else’s??? But in living mine I am to talk about Him and what He does, has done in my life….
Why does this seem so hard? Because I think there are still traces of omniscience in my life, places where I think I know as much as God about stuff…KNOW how people will react....did I really say I think I know as much as God about stuff......that’s not funny I know but I think it’s true or was true and what I am learning about HIM is that He doesn’t want me to DO anything save for follow Him and trust that HE does everything else…….
…I don’t know and am not supposed to know…and maybe ..... Maybe the journey’s are so personal and individual that we in knowing Him only KNOW it for ourselves and that needs to be enough?? Or maybe in knowing Him we become…. I don’t know…..I just know that following Him, reading and trusting that HE is guiding me has made my life a whole lot more exciting…..messier for sure…but way more exciting....

Thank You Father for journeys and companions on the journey...ones who challenge and intrigue and encourage us and for who we can perhaps become challengers and encouragers.....


Karen said...

Thanking Him for YOU...thanks..needed those words today!

Jada's Gigi said...

I think I agree that to a large degree... our journey is unique...what we believe in detail may be specifically for us...with the exception of the basic Gospel...Christ in us the hope of glory...Christ in the Church His mystery we really need to know what hell is? all I know is that I don't want it either...but more than this I know that DO want Him...
There's a song out right now that says "I don't need to know what I don't know...just gotta let it go" :) Thats me...

So I Go said...

"I just know that following Him, reading and trusting that HE is guiding me has made my life a whole lot more exciting…..messier for sure…but way more exciting...."

amen!! love the simple and beautiful truth in this statement!!

peace, jeff