Monday, December 04, 2006

Ephesians 1-4

Not sure where my heart is this morning other than NOT where it should be. I pray for a day of submission and surrender to Your will….I pray to be prayerfully patient today…I pray for a soft and humble and obedient heart in the patience…..I pray for the whole of LHS students and staff as they come back to classes after having lost a classmate and student. I pray for those lost to be found, to be touched by those with unwavering faith in YOU. I pray as I read Your word to be inspired in my prayers for others today…I pray to be other focused and prayerfully praying for others, all others as You direct….nudge….guide.

I think I’m in a bad mood because it is Christmas when I should be in a good mood. But the world says the morning is about gifts and this year it won’t be for us and I know it shouldn’t be…… hear me now I KNOW that Christmas morning I will be filled with joy.
We are doing FOUND gifts and it is an amazing process. Time spent the last couple of weeks and until we decide…praying for our family members for God to guide us in the direction of the gift…a gift to encourage or affirm or challenge……something that cost nothing or next to nothing but means everything because you attach a story of how the item reminds you of them and the words spoken in love to each other about the gift…. It is an amazing morning but now, this moment and most moments up to…. I WANT to buy things…I WANT to gift my children with $$$ and stuff and things…….so I waste this time instead of praying bold prayers for directions in the gifts I can give ….in WANTING to give gifts I can’t and …..

I’m going to spend time today pondering…allowing the words of Ephesians 1-4 to go deeply into my hard heart today in hopes that it softens…that it becomes molded to His will…that I become inspired about the gifts I CAN give….I encourage you to do the same……

Here are people whose words are well worth reading:

Tony Myles
Jim Martin
The Uprising
Jeff Jacobson (his book would make a great Christmas gift)


holychaos said...

i know what you mean about gifts. i try not to be materialistic but i am down deep. i am not working by choice now and i have to admit I MISS the $$$$$$. i keep reminding myself"to be content with what i have for He will never leave me or forsake me" that is a great idea you guys have about gifts.

Anonymous said...

As you pray, I pray! Let our prayers unify together and strengthen us both. Your words are soul food!

Anonymous said...

awwww.. thanks for the plug! :-)
you're awesome!!

Anonymous said...

i'm with ya sista....