Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Exodus 25 - 27; Acts 6

I pray a day of softness….humility and honesty……to be vulnerable enough to trust You in all of it....to CHOOSE to trust You.

Have you ever read the details with which God wanted His tabernacle, furnishings, chest, ark , altar, lampstand and lamps… to be ….the size and materials and fabric and colors……He knows every hair on our heads….He formed me in my mothers womb. …why would I NOT trust a God of such details????
Then you read about Stephen…..full of faith and yet in danger…..not going to be SAFE no matter how much I SELF protect, why not live in His protection??? Because I don’t…I always go back to what I know, to living in my wetness……and this morning I want to desperately live vulnerably in Your protection……so I will have to choose to do it every moment……to leave my head in YOUR hands…..

'humble honest replies'...I think this is another something I am hearing from Him...??.....not to preach or beat any one up with anything I may be thinking about....so I blog and think outloud here.....but to in the living, seeking to LIVE IN THE LOVE He offers.....being asked and THEN........'humble honest replies'

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Cinder said...

'humble honest replies' (bjk)

I wish so much to have more of these most days. I have to admit that somedays those 'honest replies' come way too easily to me, but I'm really beginning to work at them being truly humble.

This journey is a huge learning process for me. Thank goodness He does know every hair on our head...He knows our short-comings and leads us to places that do allow us to overcome them.

I continue to work on the fact of not running back to old ways and comfort zones. It's so easy for me to do and so hard to overcome and get away from somedays. But I know it will come...I know He knows it's attainable and in reach as well.