Monday, January 01, 2007

Genesis 1-2 ; Luke 1

Before woman God gave Adam his job, his purpose. To cultivate ALL that God had created. Before woman God gave Adam every beast of the field and sky and had Adam name them all. All this before Eve. God didn't want her influence over him? Knew where she would take him??

The beauty of 2:25 And the man and woman were both naked and were not ashamed.

Such a picture of Your intent for us?? Surrounded by so much - You providing everything giving Adam the privilege of naming all of it. Providing him w/even the companion of Your design, it gave You pleasure to give and create...?

Luke 1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God.

Especially believable after Genesis and the creation of the world. And Gabriel says 'will be' preparing Mary who would seem to be already pretty prepared to believe such a thing while talking to the angel Gabriel.....And her willingness.....'be it done to me according to your word"

Luke 1:50 And his mercy is upon generation after generation toward those who fear him.

Luke 1:53 He has filled the hungry with good things.

That just takes me back to the garden and their dependence on Him before they ate of the fruit ...He still wants to fill the hungry???

Here's to a year of 'being hungry'....praying for all of us to hunger and thirst after Him alone.

Happy New Year let's be hungry together!!

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