Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Genesis 6-8 ; Luke 3

Enoch and then not again till Noah???
Gen. 6:9…..Noah walked with God.
Gen. 6:16….entered as God had commanded him and the Lord closed it behind him.
Animals responding to God, if animals can respond to God in their simiplicity of thought then people are born with that knowing of Him as well???

Noah who walked with God was asked ALOT. Walking with God prepares us to listen and obey…the obedience is our choice but in walking with God our inclination will be more towards THAT obedience?
Walking with God another example or perhaps the first of living PROTECTED if not SAFE. ( A boatful of predators and the preyed upon doesn’t sound very safe to me..;) ) Safe and Tame are both highly overrated ...but protected is not easy to remember or to relax in … because to NEED protection means to live in DANGER…we are called to be light in darkness and in the darkness is always danger or the potential for DANGER…And then there’s John the Baptist…dangerously preaching and preparing the way for Jesus. ….A gospel of ‘generosity’ …generosity is DANGEROUS… ….not natural to GIVE AWAY and in the giving away trust God’s protection and not what you have or will regain or...???? …..and how about John ending up in prison and beheaded….another example of living and dying in a dangerous world…..It’s always been dangerous because of ‘free will’?? Because it’s not yours yet??? Dangerous but for us who believe and yet…. our protection, our salvation, our eternity GUARANTEED, nothing else really matters…fruitfulness, yes because THAT is YOUR purpose for us... not so much success but….I’m going to talk myself right out of or into stuff that’s …….

Just remember I’m not promised SAFETY or SUCCESS but I am in and under YOUR PROTECTION…..more questions than answers but the answers I do have….pretty comforting if not anything to relax about….


Jada's Gigi said...

It seems that sucess and failure are the same in His eyes..both are tools to see His Son formed in us...

BJ said...

Thanks for your post. I like you love the fact that even though I don't know it all, I know He is and was and will be and that's enough for me. Bless you as you continue to live for Him!

Robert said...

great positive wrestling becky!!!! So many of your posts recently are like a tapestry that patches in a splemdid aspect of Gods character and truth. I really am excited to read so much more of your journey as you seem to resonate so much of what i feel inside!!! carry on sister!!