Monday, February 05, 2007

So today I’m simply thinking and not obsessing….big improvement for me. I think I will always lean towards obsession but being changed.....learning that with my head in His hands, fully surrendered to His care I just will think's the staying surrendered and in His hands that will be tough.
Seeing myself as not only a lamb but just another dirty little lamb.....and yet His love for all of us is tangible, when I choose to live in surrender to His will ...ahhh can't write it down so why try......

I’m thinking on having heard Donald Miller speak Friday nite and tearing up as I listened... because he says what I had been thinking. Thanking God for that piece / peace….. What I think is not weird….but asking myself when do you stop thinking and in full belief and trust and surrender and do what this guy says…….or at least wrestle with know always WRESTLING and I think that may be a good thing because I lose alot......and in the losing and accompanying brokenness that follows there is much GRACE.


Bruce said...

There is much Grace, eh? Something we all need to learn more about, to accept more freely, to live like we truly believe.

May His peace cover you today.

Layla said...

Hi B!

Sounds you had a revelation of sorts, that's always a good thing because it moves us forward, one inch closer, or maybe a mile depending on what it is.

I LOVE that post by RWK and am glad you reminded me of it today.

Jada's Gigi said...

I think I would like to hear D Miller speak

Robert said...

Thank you!!!! Your words your journey the WRESTLING all hit home so deep presson on sister!!! Keep sahring just as you do you inspire to stay on course in the race and its definitely a marathon!!!