Thursday, June 07, 2007

Barb asked for me to flesh this here is Jeff's prayer with my thoughts....

Help me to be a man after your own heart. (can’t do that when I am trapped in what the world has told me or I think I have heard from the world) Allow me see life through your eyes today. Please give me ears to hear. (mine are numbed to what I think) Show me where to walk. Right where you would. (I will w/o You continue to walk where I am comfortable)
Teach me the best way to comfort those who are hurting and alone. Direct my attention to the downtrodden, so that I can love them and serve them with abandon. (My way has never worked I sure would like to be taught Your way)
Remind me today (and every day) that it’s all about Jesus. (because w/o your reminder I am about me)
Simple as that.

Because when I get that, I relax. I’m easier to be around, and I love better.The trivial starts to fade away.I worry less.I obsess less.I complain less. Help me to be the Church; without judgment, criticism or hypocrisy. Make me more forgiving.More graceful.A better listener.A better friend.Allow my rhythm to be slower; my pace, enviable.Remind me that in your eyes, the playing field is leveled. I’m not the star. I’m only as loved as the next one.But oh, how loved I am.
I w/o praying and training will be trapped by the world


holy chaos said...

love it!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

i can't sleep so I am reading your blog again.

you have a gift with words

this helped me a lot

always does

holy chaos said...

do I ever want to escape!