Friday, January 18, 2008

Brant is always good to either make me really think or flat out laugh.....but even in the laughter is MUCH thought...

Jeff he writes from the heart, his journey is real and honest and truly inspiring. If you haven't already, read his book!

Wrecked for the Ordinary is chock full of amazing pieces of writing all related to someone's journey...Love it.

Inspired to Action...nuff said

This one and this one....never fail to make me laugh.....I like to laugh and maybe that one, I should keep to myself.......ok confession time.....I also love any celebrity gossip sites...I know I know terrible isn't it. (got any to share yourself) And I guess all kidding aside with all that is happening to Britney maybe I need to rethink this 'innocent' addiction....are we the consuming public at all responsible for her situation now??

And then saying I agree totally but I don't totally disagree either...the discomfort comes for me in thinking about it...discomfort takes me to wrestling with it and then...well I know in the losing there is always much for me to learn...


Robert said...

community as ex-catholics we should have a certain affinity for this concept becky in reality i think our american culture does its best to break it down no wonder the Spirit seems to breathe fresh air about its vitality as He chooses to

so i go said...

aww, how sweet is this?? what a nice way to start my Monday :-)

thank you!