Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Genesis 39- 40; Genesis 41; Luke 16

You are IN everything, why does that always feel like a new revelation? The more I trust You the more I SEE, the more I HEAR….the more I respond to what I see and hear the more I see and hear…….but the fear…..the monster that always lurks, where does it go? I’m not looking for it I’m looking to You??....hmmmm
The whole story of Joseph……hmmmm
not easy, not without A LOT of hardship…just hmmmmm.

Then Luke 16 is just full of stuff that I don’t quite ‘get’…or maybe it’s in the thinking I need to ‘get’ it I miss the wrestling and of course I do like to wrestle.
Oh, I don't serve Money….I don't serve Money….

The truth is that just this morning Dan and I were discussing our VACATION…..3 weeks on the bike heading to Banff Canada and it hit me/us that we haven’t even discussed it with Him….it is our BIKE our Time…. our idols, our God??? What does it mean to be a disciple, a follower of Christ with our money, our time? how would God have us spend our money or our time? We may have discussed how WE should spend our money. But……how do I ask…do I ask….how GOD would have us spend our money.

“That places him in the position as the Lord of our life decisions, not we ourselves. Money decisions are either spiritual decisions or self-serving decisions. Making a contract has spiritual implications. Taking out a loan has spiritual implications. Buying on credit has spiritual implications. Writing a will has spiritual implications.”( Dang, we soooo NEED to write a will.) From a money study somewhere, we've done like 4 of them.....There is a whole lot to following Christ I guess and I’m just NOW figuring that out…??…now….now do I keep following or run? He’s gonna love me no matter what I know this ……..but IF I want my kids to follow Christ, figure out what having a journey looks like I guess I don’t run…..sure does get messy.

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curious servant said...

Feels good to ask the tough questions of oneself, doesn't it?

In a strange way the stuff on my blof these last few months have been good for me, forcing me to a new honesty... Sounds like a good topic for a post...

At any rate, I thought I'd drop by and just tell you how i am grateful for your company on this strange journey.

Later, Sis.