Friday, January 04, 2008

It was a really amazing holiday break and I am very grateful. The time with my family was irreplaceable….just good quiet time together and incredible fun times. It was my daughters idea to go and spend time with her extended family, she wanted to see the Grandparents. We had pretty much told everyone that due to the new baby, weather and said daughters brief visit we would be absent from any and all extended family get togethers. Not an easy decision but one we were fairly comfortable with ……then said daughter got us to go…..

It was good to see my Mom and Dad and it was good to talk to them and watch them talk to my daughter. We got into a good discussion….well it didn’t start out good due to my hyper – sensitivity….but I watched my husband engage in such a loving and curious way I was really moved.

I got labeled or called out as or…..he called me a fundamentalist evangelical Christian and I hated it…it may be what I am but the way he said it with such vehemence I pushed against it. Truth is I just don’t like labels, I hid behind Catholicism for so long that now I fight any label on what I believe and truth is I may be a ….what he said……but maybe not….why do we label and limit each other?

Luke 4: 1 Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert,….
2/3 of the Trinity ….all of it…… a fully supportive and encouraging community without limiting each other…..what if I believed that as a follower of Christ I had the luxury of that same community…as forgiven by Christ they allow me access to that love……and in that love I truly loved and supported others without limiting them, becoming hyper- sensitive….. although I must admit being called an anti semite really bothered me.....labels, I guess they bother me too.

If you are so inclined….read the book, The Shack by William P. Young……would love to hear your thoughts.


Jenn said...

family times can always bring out new revelations, can't they?

the book looks interesting - will ahve to check it out.

STACY'S TRIP said...

Oh WOW. It's ok.

Ame said...

I saw The Shack on another blog and went to to order it ... it came up with "buy these two together and save $." the other book it was paired with is, So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, I read that first, and it's changing my life. I have The Shack on my bedside table to read next :)

holy chaos said...

The Shack sounds interesting.

I do not like labels, either-especailly the one you were called...

It may be true for me, too-but its connotation is kind of like "pharasee"

Jeff said...

truth is, we are who we are. whether or not we like the label really does not matter.

labels come from others. it justifies their thoughts and places us in a catagory they can deal with.

they hurt the most when we are labeled by those we love and have left their idea of who we are. but, that is how they see us.

does it matter?

i am a conservitave, but argue against politics just to piss of fellow staff members. i am against abortion, but argue against how we deal with it. i am a devoted fan of the church..."she is a whore, but she is my mother."smgpam

label me if you want, but you may find that the label only sticks in your mind...mot mine.

the_burning_bush said...

"now I fight any label on what I believe and truth is I may be a ….what he said……but maybe not…" bjk

Glad you had a good break. This was my favorite part, and it's something I've wrestled with to.

When I think about what it must have been like to live around people who dressed in camel skin, ate locusts, raised the dead, spoke in parables, and addressed people apart from the 'noise' of life, I think it must have been hard to label them. Especially Jesus.

Hope you learn more about what it means to be inside the bjk category in 2008.