Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weird... that word is so prevalent to my vocabulary. Seems to encompass so much it’s easy to use and becoming easier to accept…I saw the Dave Ramsey ad for FPU and it said “broke is normal, be weird”… maybe it’s ok to BE weird?
And the stuff God is doing right now is just W E I R D. So to follow into weird.... maybe weird becoming hard or uncomfortable or ….whatever. Will I follow? How about you ?


Melissa said...

Hoping...haven't yet, seems my will is stronger than my desire...the thing is the new man is stronger than the old one, but the old one is putting up a fight...I want to be weird!

the_burning_bush said...

A 'weird' person is, in a sense, a person who is set apart. What is it to be set apart, but holiness?

Jenn said...

Hubs and I are finding ourselves in some weird relationships lately...wonder what that says about us!?