Friday, April 18, 2008

1 Samuel 20; 1 Samuel 21; Psalm 34; Matthew 5

Chaos at work…..stitches….tonsillectomy /adenoidectomy /tubes ……medicine sucks…..hospitality….earthquake…anniversary….That’s a one word or close description of the last week. And IF it weren’t for knowing You I would make every bit of it about me and you know what…I still do and in spite of that You take it and make it something different………it’s seeing the pain physical/spiritual /emotional of ‘others’ and taking THAT to You in prayer rather than mucking things up by doing what I might want to do or think is best…..
The chaos at work SUCKS….and yet there are moments of knowing as I sit at my desk that I’m here for a reason (oops about me)….
My husband getting stitches and being this amazing trooper. I mean the man has part of his thumb hanging off (the meaty part of it no bone contact) and he’s laughing and being this amazing guy…I mean seriously he just is freakin amazing!!
Grandson, only an itty bitty 2 years old…ok physically he’s as big as a 4 year old but he’s only 2…….and he HATES his medicine. Poor daughter has an infant (whom at this point Gabe is not too fond of because he wants ALL Mama’s attention) and 3 times a day she has to figure out how ‘this time’ she’s gonna get him to take it!!
Had an event at church and team leader was gone so I had to step in and up to the plate and git’r done…we did. I LOVE the cooking part but really hate every other aspect of it. Hate the does everything look good before we eat part, just want to give someone the food and let them take it to that ‘place’…at that point I kinda wanna just visit with people….I get this TASK streak in me that just gets in the way of EVERYTHING……keep thinking ‘if I’m not doing it’ it won’t get done and I don’t believe that…. but in the moment of a task looming that’s all I can see… sucks and is not a good, I’m not good at seeing people I just know I WANT to..weird I know.
And then this morning…an earthquake in Missouri…..seriously seriously…no I’m asking ?? an earthquake in Missouri???
And 31 years with the amazing guy who had stitches…31 years the last 10-12 of which have been THE BEST..figuring out what having Christ at the center of a marriage is supposed to, could, should…heck just wanting to want that, has changed the way we relate to each other and while that was hard to get used to…..dang it’s been amazing..(note to self, using the word amazing too much today) He is not only drop dead handsome but this seeking heart of his is magnetic, seriously magnetic. Not that we both have it every day, not that either one of us ‘gets it’ totally…..not that we don’t get on each others nerves and ….and …and yet…..there is something new after 31 years that makes every morning reading and journaling with him and the evenings alone become absolutely……wait for it.....AMAZING.
Oh and the guy living with us…he got up with us this AM and the time we had was filled with affirming and confirming in all of us THAT yup, this time with YOU is amazing! No matter how it may be a particular morning, the cumulative time is is…..dang got nothing better than AMAZING…….
Oh...I get it now, I'm just blessed........


Lyndsey said...

i love you. you are an amazing mother, grandmother, wife, friend, help to me and influence on me. i'm blessed.

Jenn said...

I love coming to your blog and reading your honest how you struggle with The Word to internalize it, make it your own, joining with the Spirit.

Many, many congratulations on your 31 years! That says a TON right there! Not too many any more can say that...I pray to say that in 21 more years myself! (oh wow, that IS a really long time) :)

I am sure you have stated this somewhere, but where is your Bible reading plan from? I am trying to reconnect with Him through His Word but I always do a lousy job just going at it by myself. I have stopped blogging right now so I will stop relying on others to "feed" me...but I still come here knowing that I can find His words here. Thank you and may be continue to be amazed.

Robert said...

31 years and it just keeps gettin better eh friend?? amazing!!! *had to do it lol* love how you just put yourself out there naked and vulnerable as you so like to say. Great to floow along reading your passages on the journey. Love how you involve Scripture in such a direct way. Carry on soldier!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Wow, you've had quite a week! congrats on the 31 yrs I know what that's like and sorry to tell you but I actually have the handsomest(is that a word?) and most amazing husband ever! :) It has been good for us too these past few years...God is good and we are both incredibly blessed! Hope next week settles down a bit for you. :)