Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Would love to have you join me here...... http://unforcedrthymsofgrace.blogspot.com/


Jenn said...

so i got lost....is this link to a blog being done by you?

bjk said...

it is...don't know why for sure the change other than I desperately want people reading it WITH me...no reading what I have read....(shrugging shoulders)

MaryAnn M said...

pray with me...a decision needs to be made.
pray that my husband has wisdom to make the RIGHT decision...and i have given freedom that MY decision is not necessarily the RIGHT one so he is free to make HIS decision.
so...favor and grace and wisdom for him.
and that grace to help me walk it out if he decides differently than i do. (and for the ones involved in the decision...wisdom,favor and grace..etc)