Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A boatload of emotions this morning....and hey YOU gave them to me!! But how do I live a Christ centered life and NOT be driven by them?? Plain and simple......focus on Christ not on the emotions, on myself...oooooh yeah that's simple!!??? Don't get me wrong I know it is the right thing, I know and yet I don't or it's not my first response....yet.....but all these revelations are taking me to a time and a place where maybe 'someday' I will........deep breath and pray:

Father God I am so grateful and falling deeply in love with YOUR Son
I pray to live in that love and become a light
I pray to focus on Him and become just salty enough to draw others into the journey
I pray for all of us, Christ followers in this period to REVIVE
I pray for people to rub up against this LOVE and become THIRSTY
I pray as they do that we point them, we walk with them to the place of getting that thirst quenched and that THEY in turn draw more into the journey. That place of getting quenched, I pray YOU show us for each person where and how, that we would not try to give them any set pattern but the freedom to KNOW YOU.
Is that right??
To know You is through Your son and Your word....right? What does it look like Father....I pray we are so in tuned to YOU and Your love that YOU SHOW US.......
Is that right?
I can love them where they are at but I want to bring them into YOUR love and without Your Spirit guiding me I don't think I let YOUR SPIRIT fall on us Father, on all of us seeking YOU and YOUR will, fill us with YOUR SPIRIT and in the REVIVAL.....YOUR WILL BE DONE.....
Is that right??Lord teach me how to pray.....


Melissa said...

There is so much more that I could say, but I will just say a simple...Amen!

I was fed by the prayer and would ask that you pray for my manager Jennifer Peters and her husband, two year old son (both named George) and their baby due in May...they are not Christian's and I feel God has called me as a witness to is so hard though banging your head against a brick wall...

reading this prayer of passion and a sweet gentle spirit gives me renewed hope. May the Lord bless you indeed!

MaryAnn M said...

I pray for people to rub up against this LOVE and become THIRSTY
yikes! what a prayer! what if they rub me the wrong way...GGGRRROWL!
I want them to see the Love...but too often, especially the family, they get to see the GRRROWL!!

hey Melissa...witnessing or Loving them? Love will get them....

elias said...

I thought that was pure poetry

bobbie said...

hey becky, thanks for your comments on my site.

for what it's worth, i think god speaks to us a lot through our emotions. he created us to have them, and to feel them. one of the things i've learned over the past few years is that it's when i don't feel my real emotions that i get into a lot of trouble.

and in the process of feeling my emotions i can then meet with god.

jesus truly felt all of his emotions, he cried, felt hunger, sadness and even anger - he even acted on his anger, just didn't sin.

i hope this doesn't sound preachy, i just know for years i felt guilty about being 'emotional' until i realized that i was created this way. it was only once i embraced that that i was able to embrace myself.

the unique thing was that i then became so much less 'emotional' in the excessive way. does that make sense?

anyway - i'll get off my soap box. hope you have a wonderful day!