Friday, November 11, 2005

WE Don't Need No Stinkin HORMONES!!!

Tonite is ESTRO FEST!!
We got crowns and food and questions and margaritas and wine and a Power Point and just soo much to do that I am praying will bring us not only closer together but that it will, that I WILL allow the Holy Spirit to be a part of it. I am praying to NOT BE too me and to allow myself ......not going to OVERTHINK.....just going to.....have fun w/my girls!!

Doing the power point last nite was so fun. Looking at photo's of us over 16 years....alot of changes and memories. Can't wait to share it tonite. The questions are all non-threatening and FUN and yet allow us to peek inside of each other. Going to wear our jammies and crowns and just enjoy a relaxing evening celebrating being women and being friends.

Thanks to all who commented and encouraged and point me back to being about Him.....Thanks for sharing in my journey and allowing me here to share in yours. What a God huh....and I LOVE the whole of the journey, no matter how much I 'wrestle' as Jeff says, sometimes I think that is my rest (oh and btw J note there WILL be a pitcher of Margaritas) .....knowing that HE always listens and that HE knows my heart even if sometimes I don't or won't look at it fully. I want this relationship so badly and cannot see giving up or quitting no matter how much it may look like I thanks to all of you and PRAY for this weekend.....Him glorified however that may look.


So I Go said...

sounds like a party!!

have a great time. looking forward to your next post and details about how it went.

curious servant said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Most especially, thank you for your prayers.

Bar Bar A said...

Can I come over? That sounds so fun!