Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Praising YOU

Again that it's a journey or this morning I can see it as the race we are called to run, a marathon this life....not to be finished but to be endured and persevered through.....following Christ the whole way of it. For 'safe' people and places to coast beside and again remembering never to coast for too long.

For authors who challenge and stimulate your thinking and point you to Him....who stir you up more than entertain.

For mornings...where it 'feels' like all is fresh and you get a 'do over' every time. For the aroma of coffee on those mornings.....for the people who had guts enough to look at coffee beans (now tell me,does that look like anything you put in YOUR coffee pot??) and figure out how to roast them and grind them and run hot water over them and then drink it.....I'm more of an early adopter I would never have thunk it or have been brave enough to try it!

For motorcyles and the freedom that comes from being on two wheels. For vacations when the urge to run away can be subdued with an actual physical get away.
For motorcycle vacations!!


Bar Bar A said...

AMEN! I want a motorcycle. :)

Bruce said...

I was watching a show the other night where two guys on motorcycles were touring Scotland. Simply amazing! Story of my life...watching it on TV and not living it. :-(


MaryAnn M said...

i will be emailing you...i need your motorcycle passion injection!
i feel so indifferent about our newest addition to the family...and my hubby is so excited about it...
i will email you and perhaps you can sink some words of wisdom that will make me feel somewhat more accepting of it..and bring some peace here.