Monday, August 14, 2006

Jeremiah 16-17; Psalm 96; John 16

Psalm 96
1-2 Sing God a brand-new song!
Earth and everyone in it, sing!
Sing to God—worship God!
2-3 Shout the news of his victory from sea to sea,
Take the news of his glory to the lost,
News of his wonders to one and all!
4-5 For God is great, and worth a thousand Hallelujahs.
His terrible beauty makes the gods look cheap;
Pagan gods are mere tatters and rags.
5-6 God made the heavens—
Royal splendor radiates from him,
A powerful beauty sets him apart.
7 Bravo, God, Bravo!
Everyone join in the great shout: Encore!
In awe before the beauty, in awe before the might.
8-9 Bring gifts and celebrate,
Bow before the beauty of God,
Then to your knees—everyone worship!
10 Get out the message—God Rules!
He put the world on a firm foundation;
He treats everyone fair and square.
11 Let's hear it from Sky,
With Earth joining in,
And a huge round of applause from Sea.
12 Let Wilderness turn cartwheels,
Animals, come dance,
Put every tree of the forest in the choir—
13 An extravaganza before God as he comes,
As he comes to set everything right on earth,
Set everything right, treat everyone fair.

An amazing do you care about the lost? Not judge but care....? The key for me is that...I don't know who's lost and who isn't....I only know I am found and want THAT for everyone. When you think about the ‘lost’, what or who comes to mind and how do you think about them?

I hope and pray I am changing in and about the way I think about it…..I hope and pray as I change that the change becomes more and more visible….I hope the visible change is a softness and that in the softness His light shows through…

I hope that this changing never stops….I hope that as God sees my heart He doesn’t think I am too far gone…I hope that I don’t listen to any voice that tells me that is what God ‘thinks’ and that I will remember the bible tells me differently….

The bible is about this being who creates creatures who reject Him and then He goes to all sorts of lengths to guide them into a position where they can witness just how much He is willing to love, to sacrifice, to restore….I hope I remember THAT……

And how about....where to your mind is the most beautiful place, full of His glory?
As for me Ouray Colorado or Independence Pass on the back of the motorcycle was pretty amazing.....but then who can beat a sunrise on the beach..... God's incredible creation...His beauty.....


kpjara said...

I'm going to stick with the edge of the Pacific Ocean on a deserted beach at sundown...still nothing more beautiful to me!

Jada's Gigi said...

What an exhuberant Palsm!
"The key for me is that...I don't know who's lost and who isn't....I only know I am found and want THAT for everyone." Amen to that!!

Gosh, the most beautiful place...full of His glory??
Rocky Mtn in the snow?....Blue Ridge Parkway??? Where the river meets the sea in Florida?? I don't know which to say..but I have been in the midst of HIs people when they have looked just like HIm ...and that is truly a beautiful full of His other place on earth like it.

Melissa said...

I just got through reading through Jeremiah and was so humbled and amazed. God is about us and wants all of us and you posed a great question Becky...I'm not sure if I have compassion for the and general desire...thanks for always keeping me on my toes!

curious servant said...

Nice post.

Isaac is here blogging with me and he likes the picture of the sunset quite a bit.

Tony Myles said...

At the dinner table when my kids are laughing and can't stop

So I Go said...

i often come here when i need to find strength and some clarity in the chaos. thank you for being such a place; such a warm, welcoming place to come and hang out.