Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wedding Memories!!

The wedding was beautiful…the groom handsome…the bride stunning….the service breathtakingly simple and elegant ….the vows heartfelt and real….the message personal and true……the way we were served humbling…..

Memories of Jared seeing Allison for the first time, I truly thought he was going to fall down. He grasped his throat and stumbled.
Memories of sitting and seeing him standing right in front of us and yet so far. Seeing his lower lip tremble as he did as a child the only place excitement has to escape. Seeing him look at her with such intense love and admiration.
Memories of watching them prepare and take communion, watching Jared lead his wife to a place of knowing the importance of what they were about to do.
Memories of the vows….the message, Roy’s knowing each of them so well and speaking into the chaos that will be married life.
Memories of their kiss…….seeing his love for her shine through in that moment.
Memories of Emma so anxious to follow them down the aisle. Asking Dara…. ‘now’…not yet….’now’….not yet…..’now’…..not yet…..’now’….Yes……and her precious hesitancy and yet taking her trip down the aisle while Blessed Be Your Name was being sung ….beautifully I might add.
Memories of their first dance. All 6’ 6” of him towering over her 5’ beauty and seeing no awkwardness in the difference.
Memories of my dance with my son, his making me feel so special, saying all the things a Mom loves to hear and in that moment not feeling any loss just JOY. He spun me…twice and even dipped me!!!
Memories of toasts and skits and stories.
Memories of kids dancing and dancing and dancing……it was like a club with lights going right along with the music, in our auditorium our CHURCH.... Jared has spent time telling his friends about his journey, his church, his church family…and they SAW and were intrigued. A church with dancing and kegs and wine and cigar smoking. A church that loves Jesus and lost people. A church they want to try…Jared was so excited.
I was just thinking this morning it is what people SEE more than what we SAY that draws them into the journey. The light of Christ shown in that auditorium….in the vows and in the service of so many to Jared and Allison and his Dad and I.
I haven’t seen many pictures yet but this is what I have so far.


Breezze said...

Beautiful memories... I don't even know you or your family and it's a makin' me cry! Thanks for sharing your heart and the beauty of the day.

Jada's Gigi said...

The pictures are awesome and you DO look gorgeous! The eternal message of Christ and His Bride....I'm tearing up reading this..and you are so right that people believe waaay more what they see than what they hear. Blessing to your lovely famliy...the little girls are adorable!

Jada's Gigi said...

PS...I LOVE the colors! That green! Its gorgeous!

Bar Bar A said...

This was the most beautiful description of a wedding I have ever heard!

And you my dear are stunning! This is my first time seeing you! I love having a face to put with all the inspiring words.

jel said...

those are great pictures!

thanks for sharing them,

and thank you for the bday wish!

take care

So I Go said...

great pics!! i'll look forward to seeing more when they come in.

Bruce said...

This was great. Weddings are a wonderful time of joy, eh? Look forward to more pics.


Becky said...

Hold them dear. Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories.


curious servant said...

Sweet post!

Karen said...

This is absolutely lovely.
And, I'm with are stunning!