Friday, November 17, 2006


Happy Birthday
This woman (OMG my daughter is a WOMAN) and what a beautiful woman she is.
This woman is a BARBARIAN
I don't even know where this photo was taken as she has been more places than I or her Dad even dream of.
She has pursued God and in the pursuing realized how much HE has pursued her.
And in that pursuit there has been a woman born that.....blows me away. Her sister calls her THE STORM and we miss it...
She is not one to run away but is forever running towards and into new adventures. (She knows to look for and at the difference of away and towards running )
She loves with a passion and experiences hurts just as deeply but is learning where to turn in the experiences of being disappointed and hurt.
She is my sweet little girl and an amazing woman of God......
I am grateful for the years He gave us to touch and be touched by her and pray big and bold prayers for her to touch many with her love of Him.....
Don't know what else to say other than miss you much but love your running towards the adventure, the story HE HAS PLANNED FOR YOU!!!
Happy Birthday Dara stay being the BARBARIAN and RISK EVERYTHING....
love you much. Mom
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Anonymous said...

Yes, she is beautiful - just like her mom.

What a lovely tribute to her on this special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARA! I admire you!

Jada's Gigi said...

I second layla...beautiful!
Happy Birthday to your girl...may she always run toward this incredible abventure of following our Lord!