Monday, April 09, 2007


Tonite we are meeting with 19 people.
Tonite with these 19 people we will be trying to connect our stories to God…..
Tonite Dan and I will be telling our stories, pray for us to be nothing but honest and authentic in the telling.
Tonite we will quite possibly be standing on the edge of eternity and in that is excitement and fear….
Pray for us to be nothing buy honest and welcoming as we meet.

I remember when the journey got real for me. I had a daughter who was depressed ~ depressed to the point of almost needing hospitalization. And I remember asking Roy “how can we FIX her” “Why couldn’t we give her this new religion we had found. " (kinda indicative of just how lost I was huh??)

His answer totally pissed me off. He said, ‘You can’t give away what you don’t have’

That for me is when the rubber hit the road ~ This better be real because if it’s not then….

I cried out to God ~ prayed ~ wrestled with everything. In that wrestling I always lost and yet in the losing God was getting bigger and bigger. The bible was becoming food for me. He was becoming my comforter ~ my provoker~my protector ~ my challenger. IF He could love a snake in a basket and more and more I saw that THAT was what I was…Then THIS GOD ~ seeking Him ~ could ‘fix’ anything.

Fix is not about what I know .
Seeking Him~ wrestling with Him ~ losing to Him
IT IS in the losing that I have experienced GRACE….
I TRUST Him and His plan.
I don’t know it
I don’t maybe always LIKE it
But I can trust it and stop managing …fixing everything and TRUST His mystery…His goodness convinces me.

Because the truth is Jesus lived , was born to save us from ourselves. He died to make us right with God. And I will be on the journey the rest of my life to accept the magnitude of that truth. So I love that it is a journey and I believe and trust the mystery of God.

So pray for us tonite to simply and completely be honest and authentic in sharing our stories and encouraging to them to FIND theirs....


holy chaos said...

as you have said to me something like people are drwan to those who are real...

Jesus was..

i will be praying for you...

Robert said...

Praying and hoping all goes as He leads becky. Your fervent passion and desire to be guided by His Spirit will shine thru and hope you have a very blessed meeting with all feeling accepted and encouraged as His creation

Smitty said...

I will be praying for you tonight as well. It is probably over by now, but I will pray that God uses your story in a mighty way to impact others. Shoot me an email and let me know how it went.

Michelle said...

‘You can’t give away what you don’t have’

....Wow, that's something to chew on.