Monday, May 21, 2007

Those way more eloquent and educated than me (or is it I) are asking the question, ‘why people may or may not read the Bible.’

And instead of thinking about my own response I get all twisted up in theirs….that whole bugaboo of comparison for me……I mean look at the way I posed the beginning of this…their being more eloquent and educated than myself, instead of just thinking about and writing my own thoughts.

I read the bible because I love it and I don’t know when that happened…..I read at first because I HAD to …we were Catholics who came seeking and landed in a place where all questions were honored and we were never made to feel as though they were unnecessary or made us bad for asking …. a Seeker Church. In the course of time we were baptized and even entered into Small Group leadership. We read great books and then we were told in order to stay in leadership we needed to spend time in the bible and journal. We were given a plan developed by Wayne Cordeiro from new hope church in hawaii and told to do it. It was hard, it was something that I had rebelled against for a long time, they allowed us to lead others even when we didn’t know for sure what we were following ourselves…..I am grateful to Roy for making us do it…….I never approached it as a check off thing (personality maybe) I did it fearfully and yet out of a sense of Ruby Rule Follower Obedience…..what happened over the last several years has been surprising to me.
I don’t know how to explain it or ‘put legs to it’…….it IS a surpernatural book are the words that come to my mind, not in a scary way…..I don’t know how to explain it so I keep saying it wrong and probably pushing people away from it rather than drawing them to it which is my fondest wish... for others to be impacted…..moved…..convicted and encouraged by spending time with God reading His word…see there I go making it all too ..... but until such time as I get words to better explain WHY…….this is all I got…..but I believe that in falling in love with this time, this word, this amazing God ….with Jesus Christ…someday maybe I will….get the words.


Jada's Gigi said...

It is a good thing to love His Word...knowing Him makes it make so much more sense..

the_burning_bush said...

Love needs no justifications because love is the justification.

Robert said...

Good words to me there becky I think God says His Word will not come back to Him void. if we read it it will unfold its majesty of Him on its own in His good timing thanks for sharing your love for His Word becky