Friday, May 18, 2007

1 Kings 3; 2 Chronicles 1; Psalm 78; 2 Thessalonians 2


These words are swimming around in my head…..connected…??....I don’t know……

2 Thessalonians 2: Stand Firm 13 But we ought always to thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord, because from the beginning God chose you to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth. 14 He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.
16 May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, 17 encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

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holy chaos said...

One time I had this dream that I was going to go through a very dark tunnel but someone(I do not know who) told me keep going even though it was very dark and that I would see light is just a little while. In my dream, i did go through a very dark tunnel and I began to be afraid but i remembered the words that the "someone" had told me. and sure enough, after just a couple more steps a saw a light which showed me where to turn.