Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eric asks some good questions…….ones I ask but never maybe have the faith to hear His answers…or not to answer honestly.....mine would be.

But does God reveal to us our weaknesses so that we'll feel powerless to do anything, or does He reveal our weaknesses so that we'll humbly answer his call to powerful action through Him? I don’t know…that doesn’t compute for me or it’s one of those trick questions where you're giving me, guiding me to the answer…. of course it’s about me humbly answering His call ….But…. I lived a dishonest life for so long, doing just enough, listening more to the words of others rather than His….I don’t know… To have lived a life of powerlessness and struggling against that or DOING something, anything to alleviate the illusion of being powerless….to now listening for His call and wanting desperately to HEAR Him instead of my own voice…..I don’t know. How would I know it is HIS call to action??

Are you praying to become more humble or are you praying to become more humble so you can hear His voice over your own? To HEAR…..and trusting that in the humility and searching for TRUTH I will…..what are you saying here, am I praying wrong?

Have you asked God to reveal to you the action step He is going to take so that you may join in bringing about His glory to a hurting community?...Oh I have a ‘feeling’ He’s trying, but it makes no sense and even if it did there is no way I would know what to do ….. but I hear something and just waiting for ‘someone else’ to make it happen.

Have you asked God to remove your fear? Have you asked him to remove the whispers of the enemy who wants/needs to hold you back from entering into the strength of our God? I think I asked Him, prayed for Him to lead me to a life of RISK and all I am feeling IS fear….that He is trying to, HE IS answering my prayers and now what?? And I think I am learning to ignore the whispers or learning how to recognize them for what they are.

Would asking those questions then require you to potentially take a huge and terrifying step of faith? tell me, did I answer them ?

This is all new ….. I love Christ, I love the bible, I hope I am learning to love others...I love the journey...I do believe and trust up to where I have to close the gap (between what I know and doing it) and ACT on what I believe………I got the FAITH gift…I got ….but do I got action behind my words am I really seeking and praying to close that gap???


Jada's Gigi said...

I'm thinking that we are always gonna be my weakness He is made strong...He is the strong one...we never will be and the sooner we recognize it and accept it and fall on Him, the better.

Smitty said...

Weakness is a terrfying thing for some people and for me as well. To me, it's a sign that I don't have it all together if I let people see how weak I truly am. With God, it's much the same. He wants me to come to Him broken and humble, but in order to do that I have to "close the gap" as well. I wish I could say something that would make you feel better about your own faith journey. Just know, that I'm right there with you.

the_burning_bush said...

I like the way you space your words. It's that brief moment of silence where one reflects and may ask, "Why am I waiting for someone else to act?"

The world often seems like a noisy place, but one can always hear the silence if one listens for it.

Robert said...

love how you keep referencing Hebrews becky *closing the gap* yes much lioke smitty said im right there with you as well I think God definitely uses us to help each other step out in unfamiliar territory faith steps that on our own we would never make hmmm so good to be journeying with others :)

Eric said...

I feel humbled that you even found my questions worthy of contemplation.

I definitely would never say that you are praying are an inspiration to me of one who prays constantly. I guess what I was suggesting is whether you, in the attempt to narrow down what God is calling you to do, ever dare to pray in such a way that only God could answer? Don't misunderstand. I'm not saying, necessarily, to demand God give you a million dollars as proof of his presence; but I am suggesting that you pray for God to clearly give some sign that would cut through the voices in your head.

I think you are closer to this than you give yourself credit for...I wonder if you let the fear override the memories of what God has called you to in the past and what He wants to call you to in the future. Stop worrying about the outcomes...step out and let God control the outcomes. If He calls you to something...clearly calls you...then no matter the outcome, He owns it. God wants to close those gaps...let Him.

Traveling together,