Monday, August 27, 2007

Yesterday was Gabe's birthday, well it was his party day, today is his actual BD. He is 2 today. And we got the best gift. We got the pleasure, the thrill of taking him on his first motorcycle ride. Dan got a helmet for the grandkids a couple of weeks ago and yesterday he got to put it on and climb between PaPa and Gigi and ride.
I can't begin to tell you what thrill it was. To share our passion with him was incredible. That his Dad and Mom allowed us that gift. To feel him between us and to catch glimpses of his face as we whizzed along on 2 wheels, seeing things so clearly and close. To share our passion for riding. I hope and pray that it is as exciting to share with him our love of God.
We also got to take Emma for a ride, she had ridden alone with Papa but to share the experience with her was amazing. To feel her little hands in mine and to feel a pulsing of concern when we took a curve or Papa accelerated. A small tensing and such TRUST.

I am awed this morning at the magnitude of it. That her parents trusted Papa with their children. A life of risk. That is what my kids are choosing to live and a trust in God, a faith in the person of Jesus Christ is guiding those choices. A faith that has seen them make choices this last year that could only have been made because they know who YOU are. From yesterdays reading 3 John verse 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. To watch my kids all 3 , make that 5 (so far) know what, there are even more, the party was filled with people from their lives that live this life of risk..... seek You, there is no greater joy. Not that each is living lives of any kind of ease or perfection in their walks, but to see them, to point them to seeking You and watching them wrestle with that....there is no greater joy.


HeyJules said...

Love this post! What fun. I'm next!

Melissa said...

Today is also my birthday so I share in Gabe's festivities, even though I didn't get the thrill of a motorcycle ride. I pray that I can live reckless for the Lord!

holy chaos said...

cute children!

the trust that children have is so very precious

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

so glad you got to experience this with him!!!