Monday, September 17, 2007

9 Days..3500 Miles..9 States and Canada LATER:

We’re back and the trip was amazing. We started out bound for a week around the Great Lakes you know Wisconsin Michigan... and kept on meeting people on bikes headed for Niagra Falls…hmm….We started out inquiring of our husbands the ‘possibility’ of going there and ended up whining about wanting to go. The boys ever accommodating got out the atlas and determined we were 500 miles from the falls BUT if we were willing to get up EARLY and plant our butts quietly on the back of the bikes they would take us.
We got up and were on the bikes by 5am from Mackinaw City (?) and crossing into Canada with only our Drivers Licenses on Sept 11 and at Niagra by 3:30 pm . We explored the Canadian side and even rode the maid of the Mist….WOW

Leaving and approaching the American border (WOW we were in Canada!) we were some nervous as we again had only our Drivers licenses and it was after all 9/11. We experienced nothing but courteous inquiries and were allowed back into the US. I was in New York…
WOW (I experienced a lot of Wow moments) .
We went about finding ourselves a motel, it was late…..we were approaching our 2nd try and found out they had rooms, so my SIL and I got off the bikes and went into take care of the registration while the guys parked the bikes. In the lobby there was suddenly a bit of chaos as a storm was blowing in and I do mean BLOWING in. We finished the check in process and went out to help the guys unload the bikes. The wind was incredible with a driving rain accompanying it. We were quite literally blown across the parking lot... we found my BIL and as we were excitedly telling him about the storm he was trying to tell us of his EXPERIENCE IN THE STORM.

He had as he was attempting to cross a parking lot looking for a parking spot been hit with the contents of a tipped over porta potty or kybo as my husband calls it. Who by the way had been hit with the same kybo in the storm and neither of them had seen the other due to the wind and rain.
It was one of those surreal moments….we entered the lobby with our helmets on carrying multiple bags and the boys a bit, shall we say stinky?? As we entered the lobby there was also at that exact moment a bus load of tourists entering the lobby, none of whom spoke English but could acknowledge our condition and even uttered a universal EWWWW…..
I have much more to write about but the time on the bike was just amazing and the time praying and listening to and for His voice just blew me away. The times I was just quietly in tears really surprised me and I don’t know why.
I prayed for people, first specificially and then it was just so cool to see your names and just…..I don’t know if I can explain it…..He is so real and I feel so much forgiveness for how I have messed up and I know I will mess up more….I have much to learn in how to love and a yearning to learn it .


HeyJules said...

What fun!!!

karen said...

all I can say is WOW!!!

Robert said...

WOW!!! love the pics cant wait ti read your thoughts in upcoming days thank you for your prayers I too usually feel HIm deeply when tears are falling just how it seems to be so glad to see how great a time it was i pray and hope the afterglow stays with you a longgggggggg timeeee youra great sister in Christ becky thanks soooooooo much

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