Friday, September 07, 2007

Gonna be gone for a week….these are the people that I read and am challenged by. The people, on the back of the bike where I will be praying, for whom I will be praying. Oh I’m gonna be pondering the word ‘incapable’ and why it haunts me.
Say, where does that word or concept fit in with your journey?
So there will be prayers for myself to ‘figure this stuff out’, for my amazing family and friends, my church and the leaders there..... but more often than not my thoughts will drift to those unknown to me save for here and yet in that knowing I learn so much.....My friend Barb and Smitty and Jeff and Robert and Will and BH and Shelly telling an amazing story, her story.
Romans 8:26 sure is an amazing way to pray, so on the back of the bike...leaning into Him and just thinking as I ride about whomever comes to mind and He takes it from there. So IF you're reading this chances are you are being prayed for....and THANKS for the privilege....Check these guys out, everyone of them pretty amazing.
OH and I LOVE this site.......

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holy chaos said...





wanting to run away



is not


He is


in control


all powerful