Monday, October 29, 2007

..."ok God, you do what only you can do and I commit to doing my part...whatever that is...I want to do it"..... from

This was a weekend full up with blessings and service. I was going to say service first and tell how my back hurt but it was more about the blessings than being about service..I think….
Friday we prepared breakfast for Saturday and attempted to cut 1000 apples for Sunday. Saturday we went to a small church in Kansas City, Kansas an all black church and served them breakfast and they blessed us with being able to worship with them. I have never been a part of anything so all out spiritual…..they worship with voices and body and words and music and there were no inhibitions no caring what the person next to them was doing. They ‘praise Jesus’ whenever it hits them. There is no polite applause after listening there is praising God while listening. It was so foreign to me and in my head there was much confusion and then all of a sudden there were these tears and I didn’t know what to do with them. Was it the spirit of God JUST in this little building or was it my surrender to the God who is always here?

I sometimes feel so lonely in the midst of the biggest crowd. To believe in something so huge… desire to live so differently….to fail so repeatedly…..and yet to preservere……


Robert said...

well becky well hehe I had an experience like that in sanfrancisco a black church we visited while our church from near LA was doing an inncer city mission trip We worshipped for 3 hours!!! It felt like 3 minutes!! I have had a few brothers and sisters who have been so gracious in sharing the all out freedom to just let it all hang out for God not caring what others thought or felt because they were just offering themselves to Him oh what freedom joy and power in that!! Amen sistah becky amen!!

Smitty said...

That's what it's all about right...perseverance?

Kansas Bob said...

"there were no inhibitions no caring what the person next to them was doing"

..the heart of worship!

Didn't know you were in the KC area.. we KC bloggers need to get together some time.. wonder how many of us there are?