Saturday, January 21, 2006

Management to Mystery…….so against my nature to stay in MYSTERY and my nature is probably more trusting than some. How do we live our lives in something so wonderful and beyond our understanding??
How do we encourage others into joining us in something we can’t fully explain??

But you know…IF we could fully explain then where would be the mystery…..Would we really want to trust a God that was fully explainable and without MYSTERY ???

My Son a Science Education Major can explain but there comes a point where you have to let go of a full explanation………….MYSTERY

My daughter, she didn’t believe, wasn’t going to believe until she had an experience that convinced her. Would her experience convince someone else…could be but they too would have to let go of needing their own experience RIGHT NOW and trust and seek for themselves……mystery

Life sucks but there is a good God… would be MY trying to get you to believe that, without your own discovering of it…MYSTERY that IF you begin looking you will find it…..the truth of who He is, was and always will be.

Truth is today I want to MANAGE everything and everybody…….I see the switch in my head….……I have to choose to flip the switch……Management to Mystery…..


Melissa said...

Management to Mystery...I think one of the biggest problems we as Christians try to to do is Manage the Mystery itself, but it in a concise little box and rationalize it away with duty and self the end it is wild and unfettered and like am mighty wind that blows through our lives...we don't know where it has come from where it is going, but we know that it is good...what a hard as I try I pray I will never fully figure it out!

Danielle said...

Matt.13:53-58 - "Jesus was rejected at Nazareth...and they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him."

What can we do but keep on rolling...?

Jada's Gigi said...

love this true...He speaks to each one in His own way..and it is never in the voice we were expecting or even demanding..:)