Monday, March 27, 2006

I love blogging and the people who encourage/challenge here...nothing but pointing to the Word...we don't know each other....we don't know the motivation, the crux of the problem but we do know we are all seeking Him and His the encouragement is to Him and for that I am grateful....the questions takes us deeper and further into the journey.....

What an amazing God you know?

Opinions versus problem or yours??
Different is nothing but 'different'...why is that so hard for me to wrap my brain around, my heart?......because I have set up myself as JUDGE??

To me my whole life 'different' had a connotation to it that was bad or good....they weren't LIKE me/us so whether or not the difference was good or bad was my judgement......??

Judge = someone who or the ability to or.....just go to the dictionary....
*to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises
*to determine or pronounce after inquiry and deliberation
*to hold as an opinion

Why am I NOW so scared of my opinions? Because I just talk about what I think and don't inquire, deliberate or weigh anything before I speak?? What if I truly inquired of the Lord before ever opening my mouth.
All this call to silence, to quiet... is more about the simple lesson of thinking before I speak???

I am scared to give my opinion because I value others so much and want them to value mine as well??? This is deeper than I want to go this morning and yet the call to do so is driving. My relationships with people go south when I begin to want something from them???
Why can I not just GIVE and trust YOU that I will get what I need always ...QUIT saying I can't , quit questioning why and like NIKE says...DO IT.....Risk Everything......

This quote came in my inbox this morning......" Each one of us has to settle this question within our own hearts. Do I want to be useful or do I want to be important? If we are longing for recognition, God must limit our usefulness lest the glory associated with our positions destroy us. "
......better give this some thought as well....He very much does know our hearts....and yet loves us anyway....WHAT an amazing God!!!


jel said...

yes God is Amazing!

on my walkthis morning, I was thinking of the word, encouragemet,

we should try to encourage each other more , help them on their way!

Great post
take care

Tickneen said...

I have been pushing God away lately for some reason. You post helped me to open up again. He is great!

Jada's Gigi said...

judgement...what a scary thing...I was always been one quick to judge until I saw myself, utterly hopeless without Him, totally useless in myself...a complete failure as a Christian or anything else....Now I am not so quick to judge for with that same measure will judgement come back to me and I have felt the sting of quick judgement. I do know that He is full of grace and because His grace extends to me in abundance, I can freely extend it to others. the difference seems to be in continuning to be faced with my own unworthiness and failures...mercy pours forth like a river. sorry, rambling...:)But good to hear it "outloud". :)

Bar Bar A said...

B, I purposely stopped by to see what you had been writing the last two days because I hadn't read here and I KNEW that whatever you said would encourage me as always. I often wish I could have the kind of faith and love for God that you and some others I know have.

BLess you.

Danielle said...

This is a crazy concept but one we'll face when we meet God. I dreamt the other night that God was coming and I shrank back, fearful that He would call my name.

"do I want to be useful or do I want to be important?" GREAT STUFF questions our motivations for service. Then, what child does not do well to receive recognition from his parents? We must understand that God's love is not conditional and He knows that down here, we're all giving this our best shot and are humans suffering from selfishness. That's why He left us His words and has given us the Holy Spirit. On our own, we'd be useless.