Friday, May 12, 2006

I took the day off yesterday, a mental health day you could call it. Went to Muffins w/Mom w/my daughter and granddaughter at my granddaughters Preschool.....spent the rest of the day talking with a couple of cool women about God and marriage stuff and then last nite played Poker with my Group Gals.....the whole of the day cool.....the conversations around God and marriage was amazing.
I want that you know.....deep relationships and deep conversation....probably too much but now when it comes it is such a blessing.......
I don't want to be one of THOSE know where all they can talk about is God or maybe I do......?? I need....I think He wants us to have balance though right?? But the balance is His and maybe if I lean more into believing that it'll happen??

And now for 'something completely different'....Another Deep Thought by Jack Handy

Whenever someone asks me to define love, I usually think for a minute, then I spin around and pin the guy's arm behind his back. NOW who's asking the questions?

....Seems as though everyone criticizes everyone else.... Or maybe it's just that in our opinions we can be percieved as thinking we know better... I know I know..... I know it's nothing but opinions but still it sure can open up wounds for people and / or maybe they are supposed to challenge and maybe it's just me this morning..'
BUT ....we all do it though...don't we..??..get with or where we are comfortable and miss perhaps what God is challenging us to do ???......get with a group that agrees with us and in that agreement there comes a danger of thinking that if we all agree then we must be right???? I'll bet God is so sad at how we have screwed it how we haven't a clue how to ......

There's a media piece, about a ship on the ocean and it begins to sink and there are people on the beach who rescue the people and they are all so happy and everyone is so grateful and they set up a place on the beach, build a building and they desire to be vigilant and rescue any other people who may run into the same problems at sea....and they do, they rescue more and more people and all of a sudden they are so happy together, the rescued and the rescuers and ......I don't think we are supposed to enjoy such a enjoy and forget there is still danger on the ocean.......
You know what forget it....this is just my opinion and I am just so sad and scared today......that we are NEVER going to get it voice....His......
Where is my faith today?????


Anonymous said...

I see your faith everywhere in this post

Having questions is not a loss of faith.

It's a curiosity about the things of God and how everything works, perfectly normal

When you say "I don't want to be one of those women who only talk about God." I'm sure God knows what you meant.

There is a balance and it's not just those women talking about God

God doesn't need publicity
He's pretty known
Acknowledgment of God outwardly and inwardly is important but even if we don't say his name after every other sentence God knows our hearts and how much we love Him and think about Him.

I bet you think about Him a lot and if you were to take notice in how much He is on your mind you would be amazed

Be blessed

Yellow Mama said...

Life cycles...and it is natural. Vision
Rest and Elation
death of vision (realize we've screwed up trying to do it ourselves)
decision to obey
peace of God if we submit
more challenge

I too have felt the urgency to "get it right", but He lives within and my only job is to hear and do...Easier said than done.

Appreciate your honesty...

Danielle said...

Becky...such a tender post...I too have been struggling...these deeper questions...I praise God we are asking them....moving deeper into his arms.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...just wanted to wish you a good one tomorrow! Blessings!


Becky said...

How can a finite being understand an infinite God? You're right we are never going to get it all right. Everyday, I want to understand more, but it seems as though I knew more then than I do now.


bjk said...

And if we did....and boxed Him into our understanding what a shame that THAT would be what we would do!!

Karen said...

I totally get this post, especially the last couple of weeks. We're not able to ever get it right on this earth. But I believe we'll get it in the next. I ask "where's my faith" sometimes...and then HE shows up, especially in the blogwords of another...and I remember....