Thursday, February 15, 2007

Leviticus 25; Psalms 25 & 26; Acts 22

My thoughts after being explored / exposed this morning are all over the board…so going to vomit them out here ...because HEY it's MY BLOG!

So I keep thinking ‘let’s look at the pasture’
Pasture = the world
Sheep live in the pasture
Sheep = people
Sheep need a shepherd.
Shepherd = God Jesus The Holy Spirit

So in the pasture are all kinds of sheep. Sheep with issues….sheep, well don’t all the sheep have issues?? Our issues are just ‘different’, now in the past different denoted to me better or worse and now DIFFERENT = DIFFERENT. Too simple??
I don’t know I just know that I AM A SHEEP and He is my shepherd. Maybe I need to just keep it THAT simple??? But boy do I want to pull my head out of YOUR hands and figure it out………or maybe just leave my head here and let YOU DO WHAT ever it is YOU are trying to DO….???
Leviticus telling us how to do business…telling us 25: 17 Do not take advantage of each other, but fear your God. I am the LORD your God. Can’t help but wonder what if we, even though this is OT, what if we had listened……what if we all as sheep had followed……but we didn’t….and...and .... I got no finish to that thought other than we as in including me ‘we didn’t’…I don’t…because in watching my own ass I have to DO what I HAVE TO DO…but if I feared the shepherd….see there I go overfiguring…….crap

The psalms are amazing and written by David……not so perfect David a man after God’s own heart David…..

Acts about Paul and his conversion and his softening to the ways of Christ. From Zealot to follower of Christ….

So anyway that’s where my thoughts are none finished…none complete…..and yet maybe my completeness won’t come until I rest in what IS mystery…That I am loved by the God of the universe and THAT is what I am supposed to focus on that love………what the???? Cause I KNOW I am a sheep but sometimes I just feel like a freakish ostrich in the pasture……and that's when I I'm gonna go put my head in His hands......


Layla said...

I absolutely love this post. I am such an ostrich! But you reminded me I am a sheep....the one that keeps running away and Jesus keeps going after. You'd think he'd get pissed off or tired of it but he's so patient with me!

Keep sharing those unfinished thoughts....sometimes they're the best.

Becky said...

read somewhere that there are three kinds of sheep (1) rebellious, (2)weak/ill and (3) scatterbrained. With the rebellious sheep, the shepherd breaks its legs then nurses it back to health by binding its wounds then carrying it for awhile. This sheep learns then to stay by its master. For the weak/ill sheep, the shepherd tends and cares for it. And the scatterbrained sheep the shepherd literally thunks it on its head with his staff when the sheep gets skittish.

I love stories about sheep and their shepherd. I enjoyed this post...